December 2020
25 Brands tested.

June 2020
12 Brands tested.

December 2019
22 Brands tested.

June 2019
BWF has decided to fund a development project at Chalmers Technical University in Sweden
to develop new test methods for the new type of synthetic shuttles,
focusing on tumbling at net play and smash resistance characterization.
Download the report here.

June 2019
15 Brands tested.

December 2018
20 Brands tested.

December 2017
19 Brands tested.

June 2017
15 Brands tested.

April 2017
Project work at Chalmers Technial University related to flight of a feather shuttle.

December 2016
20 Brands tested.

June 2016
12 Brands tested.

December 2015
17 brands tested.

June 2015
11 brands tested.
Flight monitoring at Gothenburg University.

December 2014
18 brands tested.
Flight monitoring using Haykeye system.

June 2014
14 brands tested.
A new technology to evaluate smash test results was used.

December 2013
28 brands tested.

June 2013
16 brands tested.

December 2012
16 brands tested.

June 2012
10 brands tested. A new testing procedure decided by BWF was used for the first time focusing more on quality and consistence, see Test report.

June 2011
Ten brands tested

December 2011
7 brands tested

May 2011
A new shuttle launching unit delivered by AHRO Mekan

December 2010
Eight brands tested

June 2010
Nine shuttle brands where tested.

December 2009
Six shuttle brands where tested.

November 2009
A new shuttle testing equipment develpoed by Sport&Teknik in Sweden, was tested.
Some modifications needed. Version 2 to be tested in the begining of year 2010.

Two video sequence's filmed with high speed cameras some time ago are now uploaded and can be
viewed here, under testing.

August 2009
Three shuttle brands where tested.

June 2009
Seven shuttle brands where tested

Dec 2008
Three shuttle brands where tested

June 2008
Five shuttle brands where tested

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